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Improved Oil Production

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Paraffin in Flowlines
(Former Soviet Union)

Para-Bac® products are used to control paraffin, corrosion, and scale in producing oil wells, as well as in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR). Para-Bac is also used in above-ground production facilities to keep tanks, separators, and flow lines clean.

Oil Field Products (Paraffin Control)

Para-Bac This is the original Micro-Bac International’s oil-field product.  While developed for paraffin control, it has been observed to stimulate production and inhibit scale corrosion. 


Para-Bac X (Para-Bac X,XX, XXX) - were developed to work on specific ranges of the carbon chains.  For instance, Para-Bac X is used in oils where the paraffin falls within C16 to C60. 

Para-Bac/S  This product works on a wider range of paraffin.  For most applications, it can replace Para-Bac. 

Para-Bac+ The “+” products combine the scale-controlling activities of Litho-Bac with the paraffin-controlling activity of the respective Para-Bac products. 

Ben-Bac  This product has been developed to target the deposition of select asphaltenes  and paraffin and to improve the flow properties of specific low gravity crudes. 

Corroso-Bac  Corroso-Bac is used for the inhibition of corrosion and scale.  Corroso-Bac protects down-hole and surface equipment from corrosion by sequestration, filming, and removing solids that cause under-deposit corrosion.  It can be used to control calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scale. 

Litho-Bac  This product was developed for water flood injection treatments.  It is designed to control calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, and barium sulfate scales.  It also has nominal paraffin control activity. 


Oilfield Special Products

Gum-Bac – repairs unsuccessful guar-based fracture jobs

Frac-Bac – repairs unsuccessful polymer-based fracture jobs

Standard Oilfield Applications

Stimulation- average production increase since 1986 is 50% with typical increases near 70% 

Initialization- good success in breaking through HOT zone to clear pathways for lighter oils to flow 

Maintenance (pump)- replaces chemicals, hot oiling, scraping and other techniques through monthly treatments 

Maintenance (waterflood)- enhances waterflood performance with monthly treatments of injection water to reduce scale and corrosion 

Tank Cleaning- separates oil/water for maximum oil recovery and eliminates personnel entry 

Fracture Repair- degrades job frac obstructions that did not break 

Science that Drive Revenue

Well Stimulation
(Offshore West Africa)


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Improve Oil Properties
(DaGang Field, China)

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Hydrocarbon Shift and Increased Light Fractions



Hydrocarbon Fraction

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Let Micro-Bac Engineers Help

Let Micro-Bac International work for you for free, Micro-Bac is committed to working with our clients to achieve their goals. Micro-Bac International offers technical support and engineering for solution design, laboratory testing, consulting, and continued technical support throughout the life of a project. All of this at no extra cost to the client. 

Contact us so that we can sit down with you and design a bacterial treatment that will help you achieve your goal on time and under budget.

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Micro-Bac International's work in Venezuela including the success is detailed in these reports.


Micro-Bac International worked hard to help improve the production of oil wells in Kazakhstan. Much of which was detailed below.

Case Studies

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