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Over 40 Years of Micro-Bac

In 1977, Mr. Juan M. Morales moved to Austin, Texas, planning to ease into semi-retirement from a 20-year career as a mechanical engineer in the sheet-metal industry.  Instead, two years later, a growing concern for the environment and a keen interest in microbiology led him to establish an environmental company in 1979.  Today, Micro-Bac International Inc.® has facilities and business interests throughout the world and is renowned for its innovative solutions to complex environmental problems. 


The idea is a simple one: use natural processes to give nature a hand.  But the technology necessary to produce a viable product to augment natural biological degradation is complex.  Nature has millions of different species of bacteria.  They do not all metabolize the same things.  The need for oxygen, certain temperature ranges, and moisture varies from one type of bacteria to another. 

Beneficial bacteria must be isolated from nature and evaluated to determine what biochemical’s they produce and what contaminants they can degrade.  They must be given the correct nutrients and a proper environment.  Once mass quantities are “manufactured”, the bacteria are returned to nature where the problems are greatest.  Because of their increased number, specific diet, and hearty constitution, they can tackle big jobs. 

Micro-Bac’s microbial product lines contain specific strains of bacteria selected for their unique appetite.  Numerous strains can be combined for their ability to established synergistic ecosystems that enhance their treatment capabilities.  Through its own research and development, Micro-Bac has developed an impressive (and growing) collection of strains designed for applications related to improving petroleum production; reducing wastes in food processing and agriculture; treatment of sewage and waste water; and remediation of contaminated or hazardous substances.  Each microbial strain meets three basic product standards: they are non-pathogenic; they are not derived by recombinant DNA technology (genetically engineered); and above all, they are safe to use. 

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Incorporated in 1982, Micro-Bac International, Inc. ® is a privately owned biotechnology company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of biological products to a diverse group of market segments in the energy and environmental industry.  To appreciate why these bacterial products are important, one must first understand the basic processes of nature.  Bacteria – nature’s housekeepers – have existed since life began.  They work silently and diligently at a microscopic level to degrade organic matter (leftover food, dead creatures, animal wastes) into usable substances like water, soil, and nutrients. 

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