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Lab Services

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Micro-Bac International, Inc.®, a worldwide leader in environmental biotechnology projects, provides extensive laboratory testing including contract research for all areas of biotechnology and microbiology. The studies most often requested relate to determining the viability of a biological treatment by augmenting with specially selected microbes using native flora.

Oil Field Tests

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When a field is identified as a potential candidate for microbial treatment, samples are submitted to Micro-Bac®’s laboratory. Information and data are gathered on the history of the targeted wells and on the well-maintenance problems that need to be treated. Following analysis of the production fluids, specific dosages are recommended. Technical support is available throughout the treatment period to provide on-going monitoring, analyses, and other testing procedures specific to microbial products. Testing methodologies include:

  • Treatment studies

  • Water, saturates, aromatics, resins and asphaltenes analyses

  • Whole oil/gas chromatography

  • Viscosity, pour-point and cloud-point analyses

Treatability Studies

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A treatability study is designed to provide the client with preliminary information regarding the ability of specially selected microbes to survive, thrive and remain active in the material submitted for testing. The treatabilities are rated as excellent, good, fair or poor. The client submits a sample of the material (hydrocarbon production fluid, soil, liquid or sludge) to be treated. Based on the goal of the client (oil production enhancement, well-maintenance, degradation, liquefaction or separation) the sample is treated with the appropriate microbes and nutrients, if applicable. The number of samples prepared is based on how many microbial products and nutrient combined.

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