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Build Healthy Flowers


Agri-Bac Builds healthy flowers

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Agri-Bac can help your improve your flowers and curb appeal by helping flowers get the needed nutrient from the soil, fight off pathogenic organisms, and increase root development.

Consider applying Agri-Bac whenever planting, transplanting, or growing from seeds.

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Shake well before using. Dilute 1 tbsp of Agri-Bac into one gallon of dechlorinated water. (To dechlorinate water let water sit for 24 hours before applying he product to water)

Apply during plantings

After digging the hole, apply any fertilizers or soil amendments, then spray directly into the hole coating all the walls until visibly wet. Then insert the plant and finish planting, water once finished. 

Apply after planting

Apply directly into the soil around the plant or spray on the leaves with Agri-Bac. For best results, use once a month.

Volume: 2oz
Odor: Very Strong Organic
Color: Yellowish Brown
Shelf life: 9 months (unopened)

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