Agriculture & Leisure

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The Micro-Bac International, Inc. always strives to provide solutions that help make the world a better place. Agriculture and Leisure activities should be no different. With our environmental biotechnology projects and products, we're working with the best bacteria in the world and in doing so, we are creating an opportunity for greener greens, and larger yields. 

Lets Save the Farm

Agri-Bac Series

The AGRI-BAC line of products are tailered to meet the needs of Farmers, Growers, Superintendents, and every day gardeners. Our line of specialized products are sure to increase the health of the plant, while also lowering the cost of maintenance. 


The science is simple, Plants and bacteria have been around forever, and industry, fertilizers, and contaminates have changed the bacteria cultures in the ground. It is finally time to focus on putting the right bacteria back in the ground.

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