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Wastewater & Septic Treatment

Micro-Bac’s wastewater line of microbial solutions provides a clear advantage to those committed to safe management of liquid waste disposal.

Standard Wastewater Products

Mega-Bac X – grease, animal waste

Micro-Bac – odors, lagoons, lakes

Lacto-Bac – milk, cheese proteins in milk related food processing

Mega-Bac TF – H2S control, septic tanks, odors, lagoons, sludge, grease

Mega-Bac X Granulated – sludge digestion, municipal and other waste



Specialty Wastewater Products

Mega-Bac B1 – aerobic brewery waste

Mega-Bac B2 – anaerobic brewery waste

Mega-Bac C – tomato waste, citrus, other acidic vegetable waste

Mega-Bac XA – anaerobic digesters and methane production

Mega-Bac XLT – leather tanning

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