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Shake well before using. Dilute 3 tbsp of Agri-Bac into one gallon of dechlorinated water. (To dechlorinate water, let water sit for 24 hours before applying the product to water) Apply directly into the soil around the plant or spray on the leaves with Agri-Bac. For best results, use once a month.

Storage Directions

Store in tightly closed original container at room temperature between 55.4°F to 89.6°F (13° C to 32°C). Keep out of direct sunlight. Once the product is diluted it can no longer be stored and should be used within the next 2 weeks.

Precautionary Statments and First Aid

Keep out of reach of Children. If ingested do not induce vomiting, may cause gastric and/or intestinal upset. Drink plenty of water. In case of eye contact flush with clean water for 10 minutes. 

Volume: 2oz
Very Strong Organic
Color: Yellowish Brown
Shelf life: 9 months (unopened)

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Dilution Rate

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