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Leander Strong

The environment in and around Leander, Texas is diverse in all its beauty. Natural flowing water has always been a part of Leander's history. The first Texans to call Leander home were a company of Texas Rangers who had come to establish a fort along Brushy Creek. Later the citizens named the town after Leander "Catfish" Brown a railroad official and former mayor of Austin, responsible for the completion of the rail line. Brushy Creek may not be famous for Catfish, but if you walk along the greenbelts you are sure to see all kinds of fish and animal life.

Leander recently suffered an unfortunate environmental event that saw the contamination of a small portion of its greenbelts and residential storm drains. The contamination is an organic hydrocarbon that can be toxic to fish and wildlife when in waterways. In order to remediate the contamination, Micro-Bac International will introduce safe, natural, non-pathogenic bacteria that will degrade the contaminant. In order to increase transparency and understanding, Micro-Bac has built this website to explain the process. 

CG Environmental

Micro-Bac International and CG Environmental will be carrying out environmental remediation work in some of the highlighted areas. Remediation will occur from June 27th to June 30th, 2022, from 9:00 am CST - 6:00 pm CST.


Please be aware that we are being cautious to limit further environmental impact while also ensuring remediation, degradation, and removal of the contamination from the local environment.  We will be applying a blend of bacteria that is Natural, non-pathogenic, and safe for use around children and pets. Think of it as "greek yogurt extreme edition".

We will not be providing regular updates, but you can check with your local HOA for additional information. 

If you have any additional questions feel free to submit them using the email below.


Where has this been done before?

Micro-Bac International has over 40 years of experience in using bacteria around the world. in the early 2000's we managed a bioremediation project deep in the rainforest of Ecuador. 

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Report Additional Contamination

If you still have questions feel free to reach out. If you believe there is additional contamination, feel free to reach out as well.


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