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WELL Stimulation

Paraffin build-up in producing wells impacts the economic performance. Micro-Bac has a natural, fast and incredibly effective solution for cleaning up the paraffin and production rates back on track.


For over 40 years, Micro-Bac International has been researching and developing ways to grow numerous bacterial strains. Through our expertise in microbiology and engineering Micro-Bac International is world renowned for its ability to manufacture blended bacterial products for numerous industries. Micro-Bac International not only manufactures its own product lines for Petroleum, Wastewater, Environmental, and Agricultural applications, but also offers production capabilities for corporations looking to pursue Microbial solutions. Contact Micro-Bac International today to start exploring your bacterial solution today.








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Projects Completed

Soil remediated




Wastewater & Septic Treatment

Micro-Bac®  products provide a boost in efficiency and the best long-term solution to Municipal Waste Management, Animal Facilities, Recycled Water Systems, FOG Management, Septic Systems,

Lagoon Management, and Methane Energy Production.

Water Disinfection

Improved Oil Production

Para-Bac® products are at the surface and in the formation for Asset Integrity, Flow Assurance, Hydraulic Fracturing, Phase Separation, Production Optimization, Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery, and Enhanced Cold Heavy Oil Production.

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Hazardous and Contaminated Waste

M-1000® products are used to augment in situ or ex situ bioremediation, sludge lagoons, land farming, pump and treat systems, bioreactors, soil washing, waste minimization, and tank cleaning.


Animal Waste

This specialized product line was developed for hog, dairy, cattle and poultry operations. The products are used for increased animal health, odor control, sludge digestion and increased efficiency of a farm’s wastewater system.

Irrigating Fields

Agriculture & Leisure

Agri-Bac® products are used to improve and increase Crop Yield, Nutrient Uptake, Fungal Resistance, Stress Tolerance, and Root Development, while also decreasing fertilizer costs, plant loss, and growth time.   


Food Processing

Mega-Bac® products are used to accelerate natural degradation of wastes such as fat, oil, milk, starch, protein, and other biologically-derived waste in grease traps, drain lines, and septic tanks





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