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Spill-Bac™ is a proprietary blend of specially selected biological and biochemical’s used to remediate crude oil spills on land.  It can be applied topically to spills such as occur from oil field maintenance operations, tank and flow line leaks and other such accidental releases of crude oil that impact soil areas. The product degrades the hydrocarbons present in crude oil and helps to restore impacted soil to its natural state.  The metabolic processes of Spill Bac microbes produce biochemical and enzymes that release, oxidize, and degrade the paraffins, aromatics, naphthenes, and other petrochemical hydrocarbons found in crude oil.  Spill-Bac™ comes as a ready-to-use formulation.

Spill-Bac™ contains multiple strains of aerobic microbes that are active degraders of hydrocarbons. It also contains nutrients necessary for such degradation. The product contains a mineral and cellulosic humectant material that retains moisture which is essential for optimum microbial activity and which also aids in improving soil physical properties through the degradation process. The material also forms a stable surface barrier on the soil which reduces erosion and spread of the oil spill.



    Product Specifications

    • Color: gray to tan granules
    • pH: NA
    • Odor: mild
    • Specific Gravity > 1.5
    • Solubility > 16 lbs per 100 gal with some insoluble residue

    A 5 kilogram (11 lbs) container is sufficient to cover 400 square feet or 37 square meters.   Spill should be completely covered with the material until it resembles the photo below.  A hand scoop or similar implement can be used for application.  Lumps of material can be smoothed out using a garden rake.  After application the material should be moistened with a garden hose or hand sprinkler until the material changes to a deeper green color.  Excess free water should be avoided.  Maintaining moisture is essential for the remediation process.  When material changes to a lighter green color more water should be applied (see photo).   As remediation progresses, the green color will eventually fade to the original soil color.


    Spill-Bac™ is a non-pathogenic biological product that meets EPA requirements for release into the environment.  Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling Spill-Bac™. Routine hygiene should be observed.


    Spill-Bac™ is shipped in 5 kilogram (11 lbs) pails and has a shelf-life of approximately one year if properly stored at 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 32 degrees Celsius) and sealed tightly after each use.  All product is shipped F.O.B. Round Rock.

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