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OSNF#1 is a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and organic nutrients used to stimulate microbial activity in product applications for Micro- Bac International, Inc.® biological products where indigenous nutrients are insufficient to support optimal microbial activity. Such applications include bioremediation of contaminated soil and water. OSNF#1 may also be used in the remediation of oligotrophic waters and tank bottoms. By lowering the carbon/nitrogen ratio, biodegradation is enhanced and mineralization is promoted. OSNF#1 is supplied in an easy-to-use granulated form. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Micro-Bac International, Inc.® products such as M-1000H*.



    Product Specifications

    • Color: gray to tan granules
    • pH: NA
    • Odor: mild
    • Specific Gravity > 1.5
    • Solubility > 16 lbs per 100 gal with some insoluble residue

    M-The technical staff of Micro-Bac International, Inc.® can provide dosage recommendations based on the design and volumes of the project site. For example one container of OSNF#1™ nutrient is generally used with 50 cubic yards of contaminated soil.


    OSNF#1 is generally dissolved in water at a rate of 1 container per 55 gallons. It is generally applied with or after microbial treatments.


    OSNF#1 is a natural product that meets EPA requirements for release into the environment. Special clothing and equipment are not required for handling OSNF#1 although contact by inhalation or touch should be avoided and the use of gloves and a dust respirator is suggested. Routine hygiene should be observed.


    OSNF#1 is shipped in an 8 lbs packet in a one gallon wide mouth container, F.O.B. Round Rock, Texas.

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