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For the Degradation of Contaminated Substances

M-1000®LF is a biological product designed and formulated for the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in land farming applications. This product has been used successfully in both commercial and private programs.


M-1000®LF consists of live, specially-selected, naturally-occurring microorganisms, along with a supply of balanced nutrients in a ready-to-use liquid medium.


These microorganisms thrive in a variety of site conditions with diverse soils. They are capable of using hazardous waste chemicals as a carbon source.



    Product Specifications

    • Color: light pink to tan
    • pH: 6.5-8
    • Weight per gallon: 8.51 lbs
    • Specific gravity: 1.02
    • Freeze point: 32°F
    • Viscosity: 1.30 cps - 60°F
    • Odor: moderate




    M-1000®LF can be sprayed directly on the soil, or the soil can be reduced to slurry and circulated with added product.  Often the addition of specifically formulated nutrients can be used to augment the activity of the product in conditions where macro nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, or phosphate are limited.  A good monitoring program is critical to the success of any biorremediation project.


    M-1000®LF is a natural, non-pathogenic, non-engineered biological product that meets EPA requirements for release into the environment. Special clothing or equipment are not required for handling M-1000®LF. Routine hygiene should be observed.


    M-1000®LF is shipped in two sizes: in 5- gallon containers (45 lbs), and in 55-gallon containers (495 lbs), F.O.B. Round Rock, Texas.

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