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Corroso-Bac™ is a proprietary combination of natural, facultative anaerobic bacteria used in oil well operations to inhibit corrosion and scale formation through its metabolic byproducts, including alcohols, ketones, organic acids, and bio surfactants. Like other products, Corroso-Bac™ also has the ability to disperse, dissolve, and prevent paraffin deposition. Application of Corroso-Bac™ protects the formation face, as well as down hole and surface equipment, from corrosion by sequestration, filming, and removing solids that cause under deposit corrosion. The byproducts of metabolism, the ketones and organic acids, are polarizing agents that can inhibit the corrosion process. This is accomplished by neutralizing the cathodic portion of the metal, breaking the "circuit" of the corrosion cell. This is similar to the process by which chemical inhibitors work.



    Color                                        reddish brown

    pH                                                   6.5-8

    Weight per Gallon                        8.51 lbs

    Specific Gravity                             1.02

    Freeze Point                                 32°F 

    Viscosity                             1.30 cps - 60°F 

    Odor                                                mild 

    Flash Point                          not applicable

    Odor                                      faint chemical


    Corroso-Bac™ comes as a ready-to-use liquid formulation and can be introduced to the well by batch or squeeze treatments. Batch treatments usually involve the product being applied to the annulus and flushed with clean lease or fresh water. 

    For optimum performance, it is recommended that the well be shut in for one to three days after treatment; however, this is not mandatory. Treatment begins with an inoculation to establish the bacterial population of the well system. Thereafter, at predetermined intervals, maintenance doses of Corroso-Bac™ can be added to maintain the colony of bacteria. Squeeze treatment applications are a function of fluid production, porosity, perforation interval, and desired depth of penetration. The well is shut in for three to seven days.

  • Handling and Safety

    Corroso-Bac™ meets EPA requirements for release into the environment. Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling Corroso-Bac™. Routine sanitary hygiene practices should be observed.

  • Shipping

    Corroso-Bac™ is shipped in two sizes: in 5gallon containers (45 lbs), and in 55-gallon containers (495 lbs), F.O.B. Round Rock, Texas.

  • Downloadable Documents

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