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BMF-BAC 4™ is a liquid nutrient formulation for the control of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB).  SRBs are the principal agents of microbial mediated corrosion as a result of their ability to induce both cathodic depolarization and hydrogen sulfide production.  Sulfate reducing bacteria utilize sulfate (and occasionally other sulfur compounds) in oil field waters to aid in producing hydrogen sulfide, a well-known toxic gas and corrosive compound.  BMF-BAC 4™ acts as an inhibitor of SRB metabolism and thus reduces their ability to grow and produce hydrogen sulfide. 


BMF-BAC 4™ is compatible with other Micro-Bac International, Inc.® products, unlike conventional biocides.  In surveys of SRB cultures from a variety of oil field and other sites world-wide, no significant resistance to BMF-BAC 4™ has been found.  Also, unlike biocides, development of SRB resistance to BMF-BAC 4™ in treated production systems appears to be rare.



    Color                                     Cloudy yellow liquid

    Flash Point                           Not applicable

    Boiling Point                         >100⁰C

    Specific Gravity                    1.080

    Freezing Point                      <0.⁰C

    Odor                                     Faint chemical


    BMF-BAC 4™ is generally used as part of the Micro-Bac International, Inc.® Water Management System in conjunction with Para-Bac® and Micro-Bac® microbial products.  Typical use concentrations are 1000 pm to 5000 ppm.  Conventional annular treatments, “soaks” and squeezes may be performed with the product.  Regular monitoring for SRBs is an essential part of BMF-BAC 4™ treatments and the Micro-Bac International, Inc.® Water Management System. The Microbiologists at Micro-Bac International, Inc.®, experts in SRB physiology, offer the best laboratory analysis of SRB containing oil field waters in the world.      

  • Pre-Treatment Testing

    The best product performance and economies can be obtained when the pre-treatment well data is complete and accurate.  Pre-treatment well data forms, test request forms and information, plus information on shipping samples for treatability testing are available from Micro-Bac, International, Inc.®.  Determination that the nature of the H2S problem is caused by SRBs is essential for successful product use.

  • Handling and Safety

    BMF-BAC 4 ™ meets EPA requirements for release into the environment.  Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling BMF-BAC 4™.  Routine sanitary hygiene practices should be observed.

  • Shipping

    BMF-BA 4™ is shipped in two sizes:  55-gallon containers (495 lbs), and 5-gallon containers (45 lbs), F.O.B. Round Rock, Texas.

  • Downloadable Documents

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