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Biological Waste Digestant

Micro-Bac® is a proprietary combination of biologicals and biochemicals used to accelerate biodegradation of wastes in municipal wastewater systems, ponds, and lagoons, and animal waste collection systems.  It is effective on unsaturated fat, oil, starch, protein, and other biologically-derived waste.  The metabolic processes of Micro-Bac® bacteria produce enzymes that break down targeted wastes.  Micro-Bac® comes as a ready-to-use liquid formulation.

Micro-Bac® includes multiple strains of facultative bacteria. These bacteria remain active in aerobic or anaerobic conditions.


  • Product Specifications

    Color                                     light pink to tan

    pH                                         6.5 to 8

    Weight per gallon               8.51 lbs.

    Specific gravity                   1.02

    Freeze point                        32F

    Viscosity                              1.30 cps - 60

    Odor                                      mild


    The technical staff of Micro-Bac International, Inc.® can provide dosage recommendations based on the design and volume requirements of the system to be treated.

  • Application


    Micro-Bac® can be applied manually or by metering pumps.  Micro-Bac® performs within a pH range of 5 to 9, with best activity at a pH of 7.  The temperature range for treatment withMicro-Bac® is 50F to 110F (10C to 45C).

  • Handling and Safety

    Micro-Bac® is a natural, non-pathogenic, non-engineered biological product that meets EPA requirements for release into the environment.  Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling Micro-Bac®.  Routine hygiene should be observed.


    Micro-Bac® is shipped in two sizes: in 5-gallon containers (45 lbs.), and in 55-gallon containers (495 lbs.), F.O.B. Round Rock, Texas.

  • Downloadable Documents

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