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Ben-Bac™ is a proprietary combination of biologicals and biochemicals used to control select asphaltenes, enhance flow properties of selected asphaltic oils, and prevent paraffin deposition.  Ben-Bac™ can act to break apart organic deposits in the perforations, pumps, and tubing.  Due to the diversity of structural types of asphaltenes and the complexity of asphaltene interactions with other crude oil components, testing is suggested before treatment is initiated.


The selected microorganisms of Ben-Bac™ function in severe down hole conditions, such as high temperatures, and in contact or immersion in generally toxic substances.


Ben-Bac™ is normally used in conjunction with other Para-Bac® products to enhance the control of combined asphaltene-paraffin deposition.



    Color                               light pink to tan

    pH                                     6.5-8

    Weight per Gallon            8.51 lbs

    Specific Gravity              1.02

    Freeze Point                     32°F

    Viscosity                         1.30 cps - 60°F

    Odor                                   mild


    Ben-Bac™ comes as a ready-to-use liquid formulation, and it can be introduced to the well through the wellbore annulus by pumping or by a permanently installed pressure vessel.  Treatment begins with an inoculation to establish the bacterial population of the well system. Thereafter, at predetermined intervals, maintenance doses of Ben-Bac™ can be added to maintain the colony of bacteria.

  • Handling and Safety

    Ben-Bac™ meets EPA requirements for release into the environment. Special clothing or equipment is not required for handling Ben-Bac™.  Routine sanitary hygiene practices should be observed.

  • Shipping

    Ben-Bac™ is shipped in two sizes: in 5-gallon containers (45 lbs), and in 55-gallon containers (495 lbs), F.O.B. Round Rock, Texas.

  • Downloadable Documents

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